Portrait of Santosh Patil

Santosh Patil

M.S. Petroleum Engineering
  • Reservoir Engineer, EERC
    • Reservoir simulation

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15 N 23rd Street Stop 9018
Grand Forks, ND 58202-9018



Mr. Santosh B. Patil is a Reservoir Engineer at the EERC, where he develops geophysical models of the subsurface and runs dynamic simulations to determine the long-term fate of produced/injected fluids, including hydrocarbons, CO2, and brine, using oil and gas industry simulation software. He holds M.S. degrees in Petroleum Engineering and Environmental Engineering University of Alaska Fairbanks and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Shivaji University (India). He is pursuing his Ph.D. degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of North Dakota. Before joining the EERC, Mr. Patil served as a Reservoir Engineer for BP.

Mr. Patil’s principal areas of interest and expertise include reservoir management, reservoir simulation, enhanced oil recovery, gas storage, classical reservoir engineering, field development, and reserves forecasting in conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Mr. Patil has authored and coauthored several professional publications.